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A recent study by found that…

78% of Sellers and Landlords rated the importance of having a floor plan when Selling or Renting as 7/10 or higher
42% of sellers and 37% of landlords would not invite an agent to value their home if they did not offer a floor plan
50% of sellers of landlords would not instruct an agent if they did not provide a floor plan
43% of landlords would not instruct an agent if they did not provide a floor plan

“Floor plans are more important to buyers than images” –

Delivering more offers

With ten years’ experience of dealing with international buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords in Prime Central London, I am amazed that more estate agents in Ibiza do not recommend floorplans as part of the package for sellers. Ibiza Floorplans will visit your house and construct international standard floorplans – that WILL produce more clicks, more viewings and more offers. – Ivor C-D, Founder


Floor Plans

The summer rental market in Ibiza is made up by some of the most influential international consumers.

Floor Plans

These High Net Worth Individuals are time poor and expect prime market standards, which include, images, floorplans and location maps.

Property Search

Ibiza’s property market is largely unregulated and, as many buyers or tenants will tell you – cutting through the maze is hard work.

Property Search

With a decade of property experience and contacts within the market, we can take on your search and handle the donkey work, negotiations and chasing on your behalf.

Photos & Drone Videos

The only thing that buyers and tenants find more important than a floor plan is quality photography.

Photos & Drone Videos

When selling major assets, ensure they look the best. We can provide expert photographers in addition to drone videographers, meaning you can stay on top of website searches, be more likely to hit the headlines in press and get more clicks on social media.


“Ibiza’s property market is unlike any other, seek advice from impartial sources” - Hilly Shields, Property Agent, Ibiza


With ten years of prime real estate experience, we can advise you on the sale or rental of your home. Whether you are choosing an agent, need a valuation guide or simply want to know the real state of the market, without a bias view.
Floor Plan Example

How to obtain your Holiday Rental Licence

Holiday Rental Licences

A Floorplan is required for a Holiday Rental Licence.

If you own a detached or semi detatched villa in the Balearics you are entitled to let it for ‘Touristic’ purposes, although there are some conditions and inevitably, some hoops to jump through.

The house must provide a bathroom for every three guests and have no more than seven bedrooms.

You must have

  • A floorplan
  • A valid passport or identification number
  • A completed DRIAT application forms (Documento de Responsibilidad de Inicio de Actividad de Turismo)
  • A completed ETV forms (Estancia Turistica en Viviendas).
  • Document with the details listed (see below)

Document details

  • Name
  • Address
  • IDUFIR registration number (Identificador Único de Finca Registral)
  • Plot size
  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Sqm of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and terraces
  • Features: number of units, location, unit identification (garage, summer house) and number of floors in each unit
  • Description of common areas (if applicable)


  • Be prepared for a one-off tax of €24.84 per guest due on registering your property.
  • You’ll also need to declare your holiday rental earnings at the end of the year in the ‘Declaración de la Renta’ (end of year tax return).
  • The process should take no longer than six months and you will receive a visit before obtaining your ETV registration number

Useful contacts

  • Mallorca – Offices in Palma Arena
    Tel: +34 971 178 999
  • Menorca – Island Council (Consejo Insular), Tourism Department
    Seu del CIM Pl. de la Biosfera
    507703 Maó
    Tel: +34 971 356 050
  • Menorca – Island Council (Consejo Insular), Tourism Department
    Seu del CIM Pl. de la Biosfera
    507703 Maó
    Tel: +34 971 356 050


Choosing a villa is for a holiday is so much easier with a floorplan – you really know what you are getting
LY, Looking for a Villa
Guests seem really keen on it as they want to plan bedrooms
DA, Villa Landlord
These look amazing, thank you!
CMH, Villa Landlord
Buyers don’t need to come round if the layout doesn’t suit them; it’s so much easier and saves so much time
DEK, Vendor

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